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A Bit About Me,
Sarah Brady.

Making a Positive Impact

I have been helping people achieve 
their fitness and weight-loss goals since 2009. I specialize in providing in-home exercise and nutritional guidance programs specifically Fit For You.

I graduated from the National Personal
Training Institute (NPTI) as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant.

I have extensive experience in a vast area of training. I completed an internship with Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. This is where  professional athletes are trained. I learned not only how to train athletes to their best performance but also how to prevent injury with prehab exercises. Prevention of injury is important to athletes and should be for everyone!

Most of my clients have been with me for many years. I also have some clients with limitations whether back injuries, hip or knee. It is so important to keep the muscles strong around the joints to prevent further injury. 

I also have brought many clients through their pregnancies and post pregnancy weight loss and grown Fit For You into a successful personal training and nutritional guidance company and am committed to achieving your goals.

Contact me for your FREE, no-obligation consultation.


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The expertise and guidance Sarah has provided me through our strength training sessions has exceeded my health and fitness goals! I LOVE that she consistently redesigns my sessions to keep me progressing. I am now less easily fatigued, have a decreased appetite and can better manage my daily stress. Increased strength and endurance has also improved my weight loss, balance, sleep and mental focus. Sarah’s dedication to my personal goals has helped me develop more confidence and a drive to stay healthy. The results have been faster than expected! I look forward to each and every session with Sarah! She is MAGIC!!!


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